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Each of our coaches has an extensive athletic background having been a professional athlete or a part of a Division 1 collegiate program.

Together with their academic training:

  • Greg - Master's Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Derek - Master's Degree in Strength and Conditioning

MFS coaches have the experience and foundation to successfully analyze, strategically develop and dynamically implement an individualized training plan that will make an immediate impact for young athletes.

We specialize at the high school and collegiate levels, specifically:

  • High School (Freshmen to Senior)
    • - Sports specific goals (are you trying to make a team?)
    • - Summer conditioning (are you trying to improve performance?)
    • - Athletes looking to make the transition to the collegiate level (are you thinking of collegiate sports?)
  • Collegiate (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    • - Enhancement / maintenance of current training program (optimization of your current program)
    • - Consistent application of sports specific programming during off season, summer / winter breaks (no drop off during off season intervals)


Coaching Inquiries

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15% discounted rate for all students: current high school, college, graduate level programs