MFS offers cross training programs that are designed & structured to best suit your training goals, lifestyle, & interests.

The purpose to adapt to each member's needs to help you achieve your goals.

No matter the program each covers the full spectrum of cardiovascular, metabolic, and strength training modalities.

A convenient fitness alternative for your business
  • Group-style circuit training at your doorstep. 

  • Not having an on-site fitness facility is a challenge for many businesses. At Mobile Fitness Systems (MFS) we bring the gym to your workplace and give your employees the ability to reduce stress and enhance productivity through physical exercise.

  • For inquires please contact:

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NEW! Boot Camp

Interested in getting in shape, but not sure if you are ready to join the MFS community just yet?

The MFS Boot Camp is a - open to all - community based, fun and friendly yet high energy circuit style workout for all those who may be looking to achieve a weight loss goal or just that extra bit of conditioning to start your day out with.

The program will be run by Greg and Jinny with a focus on overall conditioning.

A great way to get in shape for summer!

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Theogram will be run by Greg and Jinny and widll focus on conditioning through high intensity acitivities A great program to get in shape for summer.


Program Focus: Muscular endurance, core strength, balance, flexibility 

  • Gymnastics inspired strength & conditioning movements

  • Primary focus on key bodyweight exercises that are adaptable for all fitness levels

  • Improve your body's control, core strength, balance, & flexibility. 

  • Better Movement. Better Life.

Program Focus: Kickboxing and boxing technique, core strength, balance and cardio

  • KXT combines functional kickboxing and boxing training with high intensity cardio activities to achieve results

  • What to expect: Utilizing heavy bag striking, pad-work, TRX Suspension Training™, & RIP Training™

  • Cardio endurance, learn proper striking technique, & emphasize core strength training